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The Biomek® series of liquid handling systems helps your lab achieve new discoveries across a vast array of applications. But these discoveries aren’t possible without the tips and labware that protect and transfer your samples.

From disposable pipette tips to microplates and everything in between, we provide a full suite of precision-made tips and labware that you can depend upon to take your research further.

Biomek tips are made of 100% premium grade virgin polypropylene.

Biomek tips are made of 100% premium grade virgin polypropylene.

Disposable Tips

Total Peace of Mind

The only tips designed, validated, and approved for Biomek liquid handlers.

System Precision

Seamless integration with Biomek hardware and exclusive software.

Comprehensive Biological Certifications

Certified to be free* of contaminants so that nothing interferes with your samples’ integrity.

Superior Sterilization Process

Sterility assurance level of 10-6

Incomparable Support

When you invest in Beckman Coulter instruments, unsurpassed support is always available.

Impeccable Quality

Our pipette tips, racks and rack covers are molded of virgin polypropylene to provide chemical resistance during sample preparation.

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